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Company Case About Which material is best for shoe sole?

Which material is best for shoe sole?

Latest company case aboutWhich material is best for shoe sole?
  • Which material is best for shoe sole?

Rubber sole
Wear-resistant and anti-slip
Suitable for all kinds of sports
Soft and elastic
EVA sole
Lightweight, soft and flexible
Good shock resistance and comfort
Suitable for various sports, but wear resistance is average
TPU sole
High wear resistance, light weight, not easy to age
Suitable for high-performance needs such as running shoes
PU sole
Strong durability and buffering capacity
Not easy to deform, long service life
TPE sole
Environmentally friendly materials, recyclable
Provide excellent performance indicators

  • What is the lightest sole material?

PU material
EVA material
Good elasticity and seismic resistance
Not wear-resistant, not oil-resistant
TPR material
Good elasticity and better wear resistance than PVC
PVC material
Heaviest weight
Cheap price, but poor quality (easy to break in winter)


  • Is PU or EVA sole better?


PU sole: Durable, but not as good as rubber sole
EVA sole: lightweight, suitable for runners and users who prefer lightweight shoes
Comfort and flexibility
EVA sole: softer, providing more flexibility
environmental impact
PU Material: Bio-based PU foam and recyclability
EVA material: No significant environmental impact information
Application scenarios
EVA sole: suitable for sports shoes, safety work shoes, etc. because of its lightness and flexibility
Selection basis
Choose based on use: Choose PU or EVA depending on the end use
Specific needs considerations: such as environmental protection, durability or specific application scenarios




pu material for shoes insole