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Quanzhou Winiw Import And Export Co., Ltd is a subsidiary of Winiw International Co., Ltd, is devoted to providing the optimal leather options, the best leather substitute and best leather alternatives for our respected customers from all over the world.WINIW Microfiber Faux Leather (micro fiber leather, microfiber) is the highest quality grade faux leather PU leather synthetic leathers, a high-tech simulation of high-end faux leather. WINIW Microfiber Leather is simulated the structure of ...
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China Quanzhou Winiw Import And Export Co., Ltd.

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Holiday Notice ! Dragon Boat Festival
【Dragon Boat Festival Holiday Notice】 Dear partners: The 2024 Dragon Boat Festival is coming. According to the holiday arrangement notice of the General Office of the State Council, the holiday matters are hereby notified as follows: Holiday time: June 8, 2024 (Saturday) - June 10, 2024 (Monday), a total of 3 days ————————— If Any Emergency, Please Contact Us At Mobile +86-181-50976625. During Holidays, We Also Will Deal With Any Order Problems.   Thanks Very Much For All Your Support, We Will Provide The Best Products & Survice After That.     Sincerely, WINIW International Co., Ltd.     WINIW New Arrivals ! Welcome To Inquiry After Holidays sofa leather   
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The new material-SBR rubber foam material
The new material-SBR rubber foam material -05/23,2024   The development of new materials is constantly pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve. One such material, SBR rubber foam, is making waves in the world of industry. This versatile material has a range of applications and is proving to be an excellent choice for many uses.   One of the most significant benefits of SBR rubber foam is its exceptional durability. This material is incredibly resistant to wear-and-tear, making it an excellent choice for applications that see a lot of use. Whether it's being used for insulation, packaging, or as a cushioning material, SBR rubber foam is known for its ability to withstand even the harshest conditions.   SBR rubber foam is also an excellent insulator, making it a popular choice for manufacturers of refrigeration units, HVAC systems, and other temperature-sensitive equipment. This material's thermal properties make it ideal for keeping heat inside or outside of a particular space, making it an essential part of many industrial applications.   Beyond its durability and insulating properties, SBR rubber foam is also an eco-friendly choice. This material is made from recycled rubber materials, helping to reduce waste while still providing a high-performing material for its intended use. Manufacturers can feel good about using SBR rubber foam in their products, knowing that they are doing their part for the environment.   In conclusion, the development of SBR rubber foam is an exciting advancement in the world of materials science. This versatile material is proving to be a game-changer for many industries, thanks to its outstanding durability, insulating properties, and eco-friendliness. It represents a positive step forward in the ongoing search for more sustainable, high-performing materials.   WINIW SBR rubber foam material     Some Applications
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Holidays Notice! May 1st- May 5th
To all our partners and best friends:   Please be noted ✅Holiday time We will have a holiday from May 1st (Wednesday) to May 5th (Sunday), a total of 5 days. So please arrange your orders in advance.   If any emergency, please contact us at mobile +86-181-50976625. During holidays, we also will deal with any order problems.    Thanks very much for all your support, we will provide the best products & survice after that.      Sincerely, WINIW International Co., Ltd.     WINIW new arrivals ! Welcome to inquiry after holidays   Microfiber graments leather         Microfiber suede leather for gloves making   
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Latest company news about Holidays Notice! May 1st- May 5th
WINIW New Design Microfiber ice hockey gloves leather
WINIW, a leading manufacturer of synthetic leather, has launched an innovative new design of microfiber ice hockey gloves. These gloves are made from high-quality materials that offer a premium look and feel, while also being highly durable and long-lasting.   The microfiber leather used in these gloves is a high-tech material that is ideal for use in sports equipment. It is resistant to water, abrasion, and stains, making it perfect for use in fast-paced, high-impact sports such as ice hockey.   One of the key features of these gloves is their design. They are designed to fit snugly to the hand, providing excellent grip and control on the ice. The gloves also feature reinforced padding in key areas to offer added protection against impacts and collisions.   Another great feature of these gloves is their comfort. The microfiber leather used is soft and supple, allowing for maximum flexibility and movement. Additionally, the inner lining of the gloves is breathable, helping to regulate temperature and reduce sweat build-up.   Overall, WINIW's new design microfiber ice hockey gloves are a great choice for anyone looking for a premium-quality, high-performance sports glove. Their innovative design, quality materials, and superior comfort make them a great investment for any serious ice hockey player.
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